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Knowledge Is Power

All of the things we learn and see in life are often times never shared with others. We live in a time where the attention span of the masses has been shortned and the ears of both men, women, and children are no longer drawn to stories of the times centuries ago but instead they're drawn to the here in now, "The Stars".

There are various factors as to why I picked this picture and title, none more glaring than the reflection of light showing against our tour guide's face. Perhaps it was the fact my Spanish isn't the best or perhaps I had to listen, intently, in order to extract the golden nuggest being presented, either way there were stories, accounts, of years gone by that I needed to digest and feel as I were a part of, in the present time.

I'm starting to believe that elders aren't used correctly here in the United States of America; I only say this because once something becomes "older" it's discarded and forgetten. How many people possess the knowledge and power to turn the seemingly unknown into something coveted and revered?

We need to identify those who are knowledgeable because they carry great power as well; the power to open eyes, minds, and souls.

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