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On Being Human

We all know there are horrible people in this world we live in; far too often all we hear about and read about are of these said people. In a world which seems so to have turned so dark so quickly, I for one would like to shed a light on a group of individuals who helped to turn a sad situation into a joyous one in the end.

A few months ago my buddy and his wife were on vacation in California and for the sake of turning a long story into a short one, my buddy's work van was stolen from outside of a friend's house in Philly; all the tools which allowed my buddy to earn a living were taken too.

My buddy's wife sprang into action and created a donation page in which she asked for some help to recoup the cost of her husband's stolen tools. After some quick work by some friends, posting on Social Media, and other mediums, the initial requested amount was surpassed.

This is the picture which I received on Sunday afternoon, this is the picture which shows what it's like when we act Human On Planet Earth; when we collectively figure out a way to provide a little HOPE to one another.

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