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The View

Somewhere over the rainbow, you'll find me, and those are just my dreams. I often find myself in places, doing things which I wouldn't normally do if left to my own devices. A week or so ago, I found myself in Oregon and unlike my previous visits to this State, I got a chance to escape and explore a bit.

My friend and her husband picked me up from my office and stated that they had a special place which they wanted to take me to. As we drove on the highway, I quietly sat and observed, took in, all of the scenery which we passed. The musical selection on the ride ranged from country music, R&B, to finally hip hop but none of it seemed out of place; I didn't feel out of place.

Our journey took us along a mountain side (I dislike windy roads) until finally the trees cleared and the building in the picture appeared out of thin air. I can't lie, I was a bit in awe due to the way the building sat on the mountaintop.

Vista House is her name and for thirty minutes she was my muse.

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