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The Horsemen

Lately, I've been saying, "We were young yesterday" and it seems as if my little sayings have grown by the weeks, months, years. Over the course of time, I've kicked myself (metaphorically speaking) for not journalising my thoughts in a proper fashion.

The way technology now works, I can capture a saying, a moment, a thought and place it in a Cloud from which I can extract said items at a later date/time. It's almost crazy to think that a program can store our past emotions, thought, ideas, memories, etc.

Out of the circle seen below, I'm the eldest, however, I'm the smallest in stature and by appearance alone I can easily pass as being the youngest of the group. I'm sure if not for the adventures we've embarked upon and countless laughs we've shared over the course of the last six years or so, I might actually show my age of one who is a step away from forty.

I believe it was three years or so ago that Bobby (pointing) and I made a pact concerning doing things that we really wanted to do in life. Me being the overly cautious one of the group, would often say things like, "Maaaaaaan, I don't know if I should..." and Bobby being the voice who would say, "Fifty years from now are you going to remember what you didn't do or what you did do and had fun doing?" So now, IF we want to do something, we just simply do it, almost now questions asked (sue me, old habits are hard to break).

Anytime I'm out and about, I have a couple of cameras on me just in case a moment pops up which needs to be captured. Today, Bobby was pointing toward the future, tomorrow we'll sit back and reminisce about how far we've come and maybe just maybe we'll use our memory to store little nuggets like this...

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