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Fire and Ice

I so often reflect on the friendships which make up so much of my life and then I sit and back and reflect on what fruit they bring to the table per se. IF memory serves me correct, it was probably close to two years ago or so when my buddy, Jordan, and me sat in a bar watching futbol from 9am until close to 9pm, on a random Saturday. We watched people come and go throughout the day but there we sat, two young/old guys fixated on a game so beautiful and so painful to watch at time.

Since this time, we've probably watched too many games to count and spent far too many hours in anguish over either our club teams or national teams, yet through it all something refreshing has taken place, friendship.

My friendships aren't measured on longevity as much as their measured on loyalty and rain or shine this lad has been in my corner and I in his. The title of this piece is Fire and Ice and it's titled this way because I have a bit of a hot streak which many don't know about, nor do I openly place out for the world to see.

For every time I grit my teeth, my bruv is there talking me off of the ledge or saving me from saying something which I shouldn't; it's almost like like clockwork when it takes place.

A year ago, he approached me with an idea and that idea was both magical and alluring in nature. "What do you think about a supporters group for our local futbol club, Fresno Fuego", he asked. The Fuego have been existence for over ten years and up to that point, I had only seen them play maybe four times. Perhaps it's because he knows my love for the sport or just my willingness to be involved in something worthwhile, he continued to lay out the vision for our first year and I simply sat and dreamed alongside with him.

IF this piece ever gets read by anyone that has pull within the Arsenal realm, make sure to hire this guy because he would do wonders for fans and upper management; I'll digress, on finding him a job in England (I only put this piece in here because if he and his wife move, I'll have a place to visit).

Let's fast forward a complete year and briefly touch on the fact that dreams become reality to the tune of people taking note that sports can bring an array of folks together if for nothing other than to make some noise and drink some beer for a few hours; we weren't the first to discover this but we were the first to truly implement it in a location, within our town, where people use catchphrases instead of simply showing up and being counted.

Years from now, I plan on sitting inside of stadium somewhere within this town of ours and as I sit, hopefully still full of fire within my belly, I'll cast my view not too far away and see my brother, Jordan, sitting with that same calm, cool, and collected look he wears on his face so well.

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