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The Ugly Duckling

So much of who we are as adults is shaped by the experiences we had as children. As I sit from time to time and reminisce about my younger days, a couple of things stand out to me, number one being all the love that my parents bestowed on me and my siblings and the second being the difficult times I had fitting in at school, at least in my mind.

Anyone who knew me growing up would argue that I was able to assimilate into all circles on our small campus but the truth is I struggled to find the footing which other kids were able to cling to without any worries.

Back in my days, notes were passed and people "went around" with each other, there was none of this we're just going to Netflix and chill jazz. I remember liking a couple of girls when I was younger and their retorts to my advances were, "No way would I like you like that", "We're friends" or "You're really not my type." Haha, crazy to think that as a child, I equated rejection to being reject.

Some people made fun of my head, some made fun of my color, some made fun of my parent's accent but through it all, I persevered. Over the course of time, the funny looking kid who no one in college even gave notice to, other than Kim Rufflison, has evolved a bit and found his feet and almost his balance.

IF I had a dollar for every time a girl would pass me by or talk to my buddies over me, shoooooot, I'd be able to purchase an Xbox and probably four or five games at regular price; that's over $500 worth of overlooking (haha).

I digress, in all seriousness, the way we're treated as children goes such a long way and it can be both good and bad. The image I've carried of myself has been one of quirkiness and it wasn't truly until this last October when handed the t-shirt shown below, I saw myself anew yet the same, if that makes sense.

Not every duckling is perfect, sometimes the funny looking ones are the ones who surprise you in the end; this is me just smiling and showing the world that I'm the same duck, I just have the ability to fly these days.

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