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Cliff Note

I stood on the safe side of the divider(s) and simply cast my sight forward, at what thousands if not millions of people had seen prior to my visit. Along the ocean, sits a series of cliffs by the name Cliffs of Moher, a pattern so breathtaking that I lost count of how many breaths I had taken while standing/looking in silence.

My eyes have been blessed to observe so many interesting sights in my lifetime, my catalog of places and people have started to pile up in a way that I can now filter back years as opposed to minutes/seconds in order to recall certain adventures.

This is what it's about isn't it, adventure? One day you're sitting thinking about what your work day is going to look like and then a few days later you're being whisked away to a country you never fathomed visiting on your own. Maybe I am a sailor and perhaps this is the sea I was meant to land upon today.

Now, here I stand looking a series of cliffs which so many people have seen and photographed. What makes my picture any more unique than those taken before this? The answer is simple, it's mine, I've waited steadied my hand, leaned over and thought about what you're seeing when you see this.

A simple off-shoot of me...

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