• Nemi

From A Distance

With each new step, each new day, I seem to find myself falling in love with the images laid out before me. I'm a novice when it comes to the functionality of the camera, the ISO(s), the F-stops, the lighting, etc; I simply see a picture, tilt me head, close one eye, and then press the little button that makes the click sound.

I think it was close to four years ago now or so, perhaps five, my best friend's sister asked me to shoot she and her now husband's wedding only because I said, "I can do that for you all and help save some cost." So guess what, I acted like I had been there before and I was all over the place that morning and by the end of the day, I had actually tricked most people into believing, I knew what I was doing. Yes, I captured some gems and those gems are what have kept me coming back and going through routine which I typically go through when finding something worthy of capturing.

From a distance this structure/building is the focal point of the picture, however to me the light of the ocean is what grabs my eye and spirt. The funny part is from a distance, anyone with a camera appears to be a professional that is until you see what their hearts, not their eyes truly see.

I see heaven from a distance... Do you?

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