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  • Nemi

Dancing Flower

I'm sure at some point in my life, if I'm blessed with a long life, I'll look back and think about all of the silly things I did while I was younger; you know, the things like, your ankle is probably still broken so you shouldn't embark on a hike up a mountain.

Oh well, sometimes magical things happen when you least expect them and in this case, I found myself not looking for clovers but instead looking at a flower dance with the wind. IF only we took the time to pick up the little things in life and watch them transform right before our eyes.

Queen Maeve's Resting Place... I shot this on my iPhone and the voice you hear is mine as well; I'm attempting to step out of the box and embrace some of the many talents which I've been blessed with.

Do yourselves a favor and travel and by travel I just mean walking through your front door and heading somewhere unknown.

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