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On Second Thought, I Think I Will

My eyes have seen so many beautiful things over the course of time, I now find myself fixated on the intricate parts of life, i.e. not so much the large droplets of water as opposed to the little ones which cause smears to take place.

Slightly over a year ago, I fell in love or at least started a strong liking for photography. I'm far from a photographer simply due to the fact I couldn't tell you what type of lenses I have or if my F Stop is opened wide enough to allow my ISO to let in enough light in order to do the magic it's meant to do.

I digress...

As my cousin Bobby and I made our way into San Francisco, this past weekend, he looked over and asked me if I was going to take out my camera and grab some pictures of the bridge; in my mind, I'd been back and forth over that bridge, too many times, for anything to stand out and catch my eyes but for some strange reason I sat up, fumbled through my backpack, and pulled out my camera.

Perhaps the lights of the bridge were calling out to me, perhaps it was the fact we'd left the 100 degree weather only a couple of hours previously and made our way into a misty Bay, then again it could have been the fact I'd actually stayed awake from point A to point B despite my longing to sleep; whatever it was, I found myself seeing San Francisco for the first time again but this time just through a lens.

You see, I have so many likes but at this point in life I have very few likes which I've actively pursued in order to make them my own, IF that makes sense. I like to think that my eyes are clever and that I see things differently than other folks; I mean in all honesty why post anything if you're simply doing it the same as everyone else.

No one can tell if I'm coming or going but you can tell that the elements are traveling with me and one can also tell that there's at least a four car length distance between our car and the ones in front of us (just in case my parents read this and think we're always speeding and tailgating folks).

I love photography, I love the fact that something so soft as rain can grab my eyes when mixed with a little light.

I love photography, I love the fact that a picture can remind me that everything was perfect for just one moment in time.

Can you tell if I'm coming or if I'm going... Picture this, me merely waking up and finding my craft.

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