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Always Remember

When a moment becomes a story, which then causes you to think about your placement in life, your placement in the eyes of others.

Snicker Allen

There’s a certain conception that perception is truly reality

The older I become, I see this is all just fallacy

Looking into a mirror he was starring back at me

What a tragedy he was too dark too see

So unbeknownst to the world he committed a fatality

There’s the reality

On a train he sat quietly, his appearance drew the ire in me

How can this take place you see

The thought of having to keep such company

I felt the glares of the world on me

So I remained calm so he couldn’t see

The conception which I’d conceived only left me fuming, and peeved

I can’t close my eyes right now because this fool will take from me

So I remained awake and alert, even though my eyes hurt

I figured it wouldn’t be long before one of us would sing an awful song

The train made its next to last stop and this character quickly jumped up and off

I sat in my seat wondering what the heck

How can someone have so many tattoo’s covering their head, arms, lips, and neck

How can I get out of all this, without having to use my fist’s

The answer quickly came in the form of a gesture

A gesture that squashed all the pressure

You see I’d already dropped the hammer and sentenced this cat to lifetime in the slammer

Forgetting about how the world viewed me

You see perception isn’t always reality

The gesture which stopped the pressure was great

You see it had been a long time since I’d ate and it was getting late

“Would you like something to tide you over” he asked

And then, just then my spirit gasped

All along I’d been tearing you down and now it’s me that looks like a clown

“I couldn’t possibly take your food”, I replied

Simply to save face and savor my pride

A stick of gum and candy were passed and I quickly grabbed those items out of his grasp

And thought how did allow all this time to pass

I sat and realized then that no one is automatically your friend

So the question is when does the perception begin

I asked for his name and he looked at me twice

One for good measure, and the second probably because now I was acting nice

He gave me his name a second later

And our conversation continued as it got later and later

Soon we arrived at his stop on the train

So I gave him daps and thanked him again

And I watched this cat exit the train

Only to realize that without Snicker Allen I would have remained

Trapped by perception and my own brain!

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