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Depth and Feel

As I sit here scrolling through pictures and past writings, I find it interesting that I've failed to write for close to a month. I can't being to describe to you all of the places that I've been to, all the things I've seen, conversations I've had, or laughs I've shared; I suppose this is how life truly moves.

You see for me, I've learned over the course of the last year or so that eyes drawn towards things others might not even pay attention to, such as a lonesome blossom painted against amazing backdrop, i.e. leaves, people, building, and fading sun.

There are moments within my mental solitude, I find a sense of it all. This picture is not simply that of a flower, alone, it's a representation of person who was once a seed but has now blossomed.

My love for Europe is at a level that I have a hard time placing into words. The idea of landing in a country which is different than the habitat I've been too accustomed to causes my mind to race a bit; I suppose it's the what if factor.

You know sort of like, "What IF we never left our comfort zone and experienced the warmth of the sun in a place such as..."

Hello Geneva, let's dance for a moment!

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