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That Smile

A few months back, I found myself in Ireland enjoying a plethora of sites, sounds, beer, and overall hospitality the country had to offer. My time abroad was limited due to the fact my brother and sister-in-law were set to usher into this world the first grandchild on either parent's side and of course me being the one who's running all over the globe, couldn't fathom missing this joyous occasion.

The idea of being an uncle is something that I've been thinking about for some time now. I remember the morning my brother phoned me to tell me the good news and from the moment I heard the shakiness in his voice, I knew something was set to change us all. I haven't had the pleasure of being a father as of yet and who knows, I may never have the opportunity but in that instance, with my brother, I was celebrating a few lives.

In thinking back to my childhood, the news of my mother being pregnant and watching her stomach grow was probably one of the cooler stretches of time which I remember from my childhood. My father was never one to sit us down and speak about life and how people came into being per se, so this phenomenon of birth was somewhat of a guessing game for some time. I can't tell you if it was in between G.I. Joe or Voltron when the news of my brother's birth came but I can tell you that I was ecstatic for the addition of another human, I was ecstatic because everyone else was ecstatic.

Fast forward oh maybe 33yrs or so and the man which was once a baby is telling me that he's going to be a dad. As my brother spoke to me and I waded through his every word, something came over me and I said, "You'll be fine, there's nothing to worry about, you'll be just fine; all we can do is pray for health."

As time progressed and as news slowly broke of their pregnancy, I began my own countdown. There was a period of is it going to be a boy or is it going to girl, which once confirmed then turned into are WE (I really had nothing to do with it) going to name him Rico or Suave.

A few months ago, I cut my trip to Ireland early in order to come home, in order to be a part of a birth which was a first of its kind. You see, I've grown up a bit and as I near the 40yrs of age mark here in a couple of months, I think of all of the things which I've born witness to/been a part of over time.

The moment, I held this little guy and pressed my face against his so that I could get a touch, a smell, I found myself in heaven! Time moves so quickly and I for one know that the innocence which we see below will have to maneuver this thing called life but the beauty is he won't be on his own.

I came back early from the best country I'd ever visited, Ireland, in order to meet the best gift I've had the pleasure of being close to, my nephew. His smile is contagious, his cry is bearable, but what I'm completely excited for is his future.

Here's to a lifetime of smiles...

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