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While You Were Sleeping...

Man, while you were sleeping, I found myself dreaming a bit, well perhaps I was simply drifting as I so often do. Over the course of the last year, yes, a year, I've found myself enthralled with photography so much to the point that I'm the proud owner of three cameras, seven lenses, a monopod, and far too many backpacks/"camera bags".

Recently, I've entered my name in the drawing for an online contest which would grant the winner a world ticket or something to that nature; all I know is it would allow me to fly anywhere and almost at any time.

I remember being a child that was blessed with too much imagination and now as an adult, I find myself drifting away to the "what if". Can anyone really imagine me winning a contest, let alone a travel contest? Shoooooooot, I'd be gone, peace out, bye, c-ya, tootles...

This piece did start off with (while you were sleeping, I found myself dreaming) so I'll digress from the travel talk a bit and simply get to the picture. I'm not a nature guy, at least not a guy that finds himself out in the mountains, foothills, backwoods, etc. too often so when the opportunity comes about to simply get lost, in nature, I for one attempt to make the most out of it.

My friends used to complain about my phone usage, meaning that I was overly focused on a screen and not the company I was with; over the last six months or so, I've found myself simply putting my phone down and picking my camera up to find something new but all the while cognizant of my company.

There are some friends that question my motives or captions when I take a picture/pictures or for that matter there are some who secretly make fun of me but either way there aren't any friends of mine who have taken note of my want to become a better photographer/writer/blogger and helped to push me towards getting better. I've only had a couple people ever reach out to me randomly to mention a picture or story I've written (I guess this is me wallowing a bit)

I was dreaming earlier and thought about how much energy I pour into people and their wants/needs; this feeling made me think of a picture which I took a two weeks ago while enjoying nature, while observing something new.

While you were sleeping, I was the one dreaming about what lives would look like if I wasn't in them, I was dreaming about what an enchanted forest would look like if there weren't any lights producing a bit of magic around them. If you look carefully enough you can find me hiding in this picture, I think this might be somewhat of my theme moving forward.

Maybe, while so many were sleeping, I was merely waking up... (turns off the lights)

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