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The Journey

Back in February of this year, I began to write a piece about my nephew and the piece was titled "The Line Continues." For months I went back and forth attempting to gather the correct words/thoughts to make said piece valuable but in the end I failed to draw the words from my mind and onto the blog.

Perhaps I place too much pressure on myself then again perhaps I've simply found that there's no reason to force a subject/story because I know when it's real and when it isn't. The anticipation of my nephew seems so long ago but now I anticipate his journey.

A few weeks ago, I posted this picture on my Instagram account and the caption read, "They all have to walk in theirs before they'll ever walk in ours." I'm not a parent but I know many parents, young and old alike, and the common theme I've noticed is the pressure for children to grow up and grow up quickly.

Hey little man, this is your uncle writing to you and saying, "You have plenty of time to grow but with each step you'll be using your own shoes, fret not, IF you need to stand on mine in order for me to help you balance out a bit, I'll be right here."

And the journey begins...

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