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Trees of Life

Recently, I found myself attending my girlfriend's family reunion which was held slightly across the California border. As with most family reunions, at least one would hope, there's a mixture of the old garde and the avant garde who are busy on their iPhone(s), Facebook(ing), Snap Chat(ting), Twitter(ing), or Periscop(ing).

As with most things in my life, I've found that momentary escape into places not routinely traveled is good for the soul; I'm saying this of course because I'm on a quest to grab something new each day via my camera. I'm far from a nature guy but once placed into nature, I find myself saying, "Man, I need to be out here more often than once every..."

I observed the bond that these ladies shared and to be completely honest with you, I envied their progression in life only due to the fact it's a dream of mine to still spend time with my little crew of knuckleheads.

While others played and spoke to each other, I simply watched, these two, and listened from a short distance away, the entire time being warmed by the sun and the commentary which they provided.

Life is beautiful once all of the noise is stripped away and you're forced to listen.

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