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  • Nemi

Five More Minutes...

For probably the last five years or so I've found it difficult to grab a decent amount of sleep at night. I don't know if any of the 1,000,000 subscribers to this blog, face the same issue? For some reason my mind tends to float, my body tends to remain uneasy, and my eyes suddenly open to that old so familiar color of darkness.

"Oh hello, it's you aaaaaagain..."

It feels as if the greatest escape I have is when I'm awake and thinking of what I can do next, what I can dream of next, where I can drive next, or what I can write next; I'm fearful of slumber because it doesn't come easily. Maybe just maybe if someone could lay by me and simply talk with me, stimulate my mind, body, and soul, then maybe I could find rest? Don't mind me, that's just the hopeless romantic typing at the moment.

The light shown in the picture is that of the sun slowly filling the seams of my comforter; it's interesting think of the sun comforting my body especially when I've stated that the darkness makes me restless. I'm a night owl who doesn't fly in the cover of the darkness instead I sit and wonder when I will find sleep, I wonder when the sun will warm my body.

IF you look close enough at the picture, you'll be able to see my hand, I'm attempting to bridge the light with the darkness, to be both asleep and awake but not for five more minutes, I just need five more minutes please.

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