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Street Racer 16

A week ago, I found myself lost within the City of Angles, not to be confused with the City of Angels, and I was having a devil of a time finding my way back home. As my Uber driver drove from LAX to Glendale, CA, I sat quietly watching all the light pass me by; there were several times when I thought about taking my camera out of my bag and capturing a shot or two but I was so tired and frustrated, all I wanted to do was get home, get a little closer to...

"I love the lights of the city at this time at night...." she said (Uber driver) and it was almost as if that were a sign to capture the lights, the feel, the moment, and a sign also to shed the feelings which I was feeling about coming back in the fashion/manner which I was.

I leaned over and unbuttoned my backpack, took out my camera, sighed and then rolled down my window to see what my eyes would capture. My trophy was the picture you see below, it's a picture of what life is, a rat race set to some amazing backdrops and limited time; albeit, a very video game feel to it. In the fashion of video games, I guess I'm in searching for something/someone.

Maybe it's you...

Stage 15 (Final Tour)

"There are moments I wish I could watch the sun rise through your eyes

Feel the warmth of your thoughts

For in them I'd abide

There are moments I wish I didn't have to race against time

I wish we could be together your arm in mine, sitting quietly

Perhaps observing the moon dance with the stars

Alas you are a star

IF granted one wish, it would be that you weren't so far

I can feel you whether sleep or you wake

Again this might all just be fate

I've driven for days so that I wouldn't be late

Your voice has been on replay

Your hello simply repeats

And for that matter it causes my heart just to beat

A little bit stronger than before

From the desolate jungle, I'm driving towards the peaceful shore

To find you

Will you remember my face, remember my smell

Will you remember how softly we fell for each other, only to rise

Soon, I'll observe the fire/passion in your eyes..."

- Street Racer 16

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