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  • Nemi

Above In The Clouds

There are a lot of people whom I know, who have zero interest in traveling, I mean zero interest in seeing something new; let me rephrase that, many of my acquaintances have no desire to travel; IF you're my friend you have no option other than to want to have your head above the clouds.

There's something special about being in a plane, I seemingly get lost when I look out the window and my eyes are transfixed when they see the lights of it all.

When I'm away, I want others to see what I see, to hear what I hear, to feel what I feel. None of this is for me, IF my simple words can paint a proper picture of the picture, then I'm doing my job.

I can't help but think of how you'd like the view, I wonder if you'd look out the window in silence or if you'd point towards the lights and ask me to looks too.

"I boarded a plane in order to see the world..." - Nemi

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