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Homeward Bound

Many people drive but fail to enjoy the view during their journey from Point A to Point B. In the last two weeks I've put close to 1,700 miles on my car and during the process I've seen landscapes I never thought were close enough for one such as myself to observe/touch.

People often ask me, "What do you want to do, like what is your dream job if you could have one?" and I find myself thinking and now saying, "Travel, I want to travel." I caught this bug, to travel, seven years ago, this bug to venture outside of what everyone else was doing, in town; I don't care about the local watering holes, the local shops, or the mentality of "I wish I had the money to do..."

IF one were to tell me,that I wouldn't have to worry about making a car payment or mortgage payment for two years, I'd be gone within the blink of an eye. In all honesty, I wonder what keeps me grounded here, perhaps it's the fear of failure, the fear of actually taking a risk, or maybe it's the fact that I know all roads lead home.

On this particular day, I reflected on the fact the first leg/journey had been completed and the last leg/journey was about to begin, the journey home. I've never driven in the snow and it had probably been close to twenty years since I'd observed snow falling during a drive but here I was staring at a 10hr drive back to Fresno, CA.

Through a window I dreamed about standing in the different nooks and crannies which I raced by on the road; at several points along the 101 Hwy, I saw the ocean laid out before me, I saw the waves crashing onto the shore and I thought to myself that I should be sitting there, camera in hand and feet in the sand.

On this particular day the weather never let up and at one point, I wondered if I was going to ever make it home. (Sigh) Life is this way at times isn't it, a drive/journey, it leaves some of us wondering if we'll ever make it to that place of solitude that place of shelter.

There are signs littered along the roads, signs which point out speed regulations, rest stops, passing lanes, gas/food, but there are no signs which point out home.

For anyone wondering, I'm far from home but according to this Life GPS deal, I'm on the right road homeward bound.

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