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Life Bonds

I used to run with a group of guys, who were my friends from my early teenage years into my early thirties. The idea of growing old and sharing war stories, past memories, over coffee and donuts, in our sixties and beyond was something we spoke of from time to time. "Man, you're going to be a grouch when you get old but you'll still be the one pulling up in a nice car, trying to get the young ladies attention..." (haha).

We were idiots who thought the foundations to our future was set in stone by devices such as Nintendo, games such as Street Fighter, and food such as pizza. I remember always thinking that these guys will watch me grow up, one day, into a successful man. Well, fast forward ten years or so and here I stand, sometimes sit on the outside never worrying about peering into what was in the past. The adage that people change is more than correct and to add a little flavor to the pot, lines are drawn, and battles are fought over what's important.

I've been told that only cats cry over spilled milk; I'm lactose intolerant and I'm obviously not a cat either so I've been forced to simply keep it pushing (smile). The friendships and bonds which I've formed over the last ten years have truly helped me to appreciate this life which I'm attempting to maneuver through on a daily basis. For the sake of not sounding gloomy per se, I do have couple friends who are approaching the twenty plus years of friendship zone and to you all, I simply say, "Thank you for persevering, thank you for caring, and thank you for being you, and allowing me to be me."

We all have friends, I mean those go to friends who know enough about us to have is locked up if they were to ever turn informant; yes mom and dad I've done a "few" things in my life and yes, I've repented for them now but thank the lawd I wasn't caught for them back then or I'd be sending you letters instead writing blog posts (my mother will never read this, she's not a subscriber to my blog). I digress...

Yesterday, I was invited to take a trip to Los Angeles with my buddy and one of his best friends to catch a rap show. It's always interesting to travel with people but it's even cooler, in my opinion, to travel with folks who already have a bond, simple reason being I like to see how they interact and how they allow others to interact with them. Is everything an inside joke or do they just make you part of the group?

As we began to leave town, we collectively joked about how we were leaving on time, which given our personalities was really saying a lot! The trip from Fresno to Los Angeles is typically around three and a half hours or so but, for some reason, it seemed as if we arrived a little faster. Once we arrived at our destination, I rolled my window down and took in a bit of the air and thought... "This feels different."

To save a thesis, we ended up staying with a childhood friend of my buddy and his best friend, it was a trifecta of friendship which had seen them through high school, college, and marriage. Again, my placement within their circle was something which I had at the forefront of my mind but their actions kept my insecurities at bay; I mean from my first experience with Korean BBQ, the Los Angeles Metro, a hike through downtown L.A., a Raman Noodles restaurant, and a brewery, I was one of the crew.

It wasn't until today, when we were walking to breakfast, I truly reflected that the friendship these guys shared is something which I used to dream about in years gone by, except these guys will actually be friends forever.

Life bonds can be formed through so much and I'm just happy to see that they still exist in some circles.

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