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Cloudy With No Chance Of Rain

My brother called me this afternoon and said, "Hey man, have you looked outside today and do you see how the mountains are just sticking out there waiting for you to capture them? I don't care what vantage point you find, just make sure to get outside and take some pictures."

Well, little did he know that I was staring out of my office window and daydreaming of just getting lost on a cloud, yes on, not in the clouds. IF I could ride one of those puffy, cotton lookin', clouds where would it take me, today?

As I stood on the side of the road and waited patiently for the picture above to take shape, I observed my surroundings, the space, the colors, the wind, the clouds, and the quietness. It's amazing to get lost within a moment, it's amazing to lose sense of time.

Today it was very cloudy with no chance of rain.

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