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How Long

A few nights ago, I found myself a bit too enamored by the presence of the snail pictured below and I mean a bit too enamored. The entire world knows snails move at such a slow pace and leave a trail of goo behind them in the process but there I sat, acting as if this was the first time I'd even laid eyes upon a snail crossing the pavement.

We live in a world where questions are answered within the blink of an eye, where all one has to do is type into a search engine or ask Siri or Mike or Chuck how far of a distance and POOF the answer is before us.

I have yet to Google the life expectancy of a snail, however, given the way most humans walk about without looking, down, I'd say the window for their survival is quite low; but here's Bob (well just call him that because Christian Snail just doesn't vibe too well).

Bob won't turn into a butterfly or burrow like a worm but one thing Bob will do is slowly move his way to his final destination with only a few obstacles in his way. There are no timeframes for his arrival, only the hope that he'll make it there unscathed.

What if our lives were just a "make it there" type of scenario then again who's to say our lives aren't this scenario? So many insects fly, scurry, hop, or spring from one point to the next but here's Bob, taking everything in around him.

As funny as this seems to me as I write it, the fact is true, Bob gets it, he understands that the only late ones are the ones who never arrive. I'm not thinking/saying that we should all abandon time and get to places when we so feel like it but I am saying there's a sense of satisfaction when we're able to look around and check out the scenery a bit.

On time is when we get there unscathed yet having seen so much of the world...

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