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It was probably closer to a year and a half ago when I was invited to speak to a group of high school juniors who were taking a summer school course, at our local university. The person who ran the class is an acquaintance of mine and he thought that I would be able to reach the kids by telling them about what it means to be a professional; I'm starting to realize that people have a certain perception of me when I'm dressed in a suit and tie/bow tie.

I remember being that kid, almost twenty three years ago, listening to an adult parade himself or herself into the room to give "a talk" so by default, I never want to appear to be not believable. It's very rare that I walk into a room full of students and remain an adult, you see, in order to connect, there has to be a sense of understanding, a sense of relation.

If I were to ever explain to child and adult alike, what life is like, I would use the picture above as an example. What some adults fail to remember or fail to address with kids is that life is simply placing one foot in front of the other in order to get from one place to another.

There are seasons of sunshine, seasons of rain, seasons of cold, and seasons of change yet through it all they work together in order to bring us to where we need to be. The older I become, I notice that life is not perfect but even in the imperfections, there are stories to be told and a stories to learn from as well; however, try explaining that to a child who only sees the now and not tomorrow.

My message is always clear, to the kids, keep working/grinding for the answers and always ask, why things work the way that we're told they do. During my days in high school, I was sheltered from what the world was really like, the answers which were given to me weren't truly the answers which existed on the outside but how was I supposed to measure the trueness of it all, I took everything at face value until one day I was awakened to the fact, there are steps to all of this we call life and there are many questions which I had yet to ask and even more answers which I had yet to uncover.

We all move at a different pace, some people might run and skip steps, some people might touch every step on the way to the bottom of the trail, but I find that those who stand for a moment and take in the view(s) around them and then proceed are the ones who truly understand that steps are important.

On this particular afternoon, explained to the kids that I had a professional career but the road to getting to the point of professionalism took some steps, I explained that life is indeed one foot in front of the other, and with that I also explained that there's nothing wrong with dreaming; who knows you might end up somewhere in Greece on a beautiful winter's day, taking your first steps towards something new.

Question everything but in the end never be afraid to take a step or two forward...

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