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Sun and Moon

A week or so ago, I was heading towards a local pub to watch my English Premier League squad play a match. Yes, yes, we get the brunt of the deal with matches starting at 4:30am a few times a year. On this particular morning, I was driving and I felt as if something was off a bit; there was this mixture of light and darkness which I couldn't shake.

It's interesting to think about both light and darkness existing at the same time. I mean, I literally turned a corner which was dark and I entered a stretch of road which was lit up as if a candle were guiding my path.

Some of us live in such spaces, light and dark, and we're forced to press through the dark times by shedding a little light or a lot of light on whatever situation is at hand.

The moon wasn't wanting to release its grip, on the morning, as the sun was trying to break loose and warm the streets. I cannot recall a time when I was drawn in by both the sun and the moon but then again, sometimes one just needs to make a turn to find the light, when stuck in the darkness.

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