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The Forgotten

We tend to think that our problems are the biggest and only problems which exist in the world which we live in and many a times, tend to believe/think that we have it worse than everyone else, when in reality there's a forgotten group of people whom are struggling to, find food, be remembered, and to stay warm at night.

Recently, I was feeling a certain way, it happens from time to time; I was a bit stressed with work, life, and the overwhelming feeling of being alone, so I got in my car and took a drive. As I was thinking of places to drive to, in town, and the possible sights to see, I remembered that I wanted to drive downtown in order to find an old building which I had seen off of the freeway a few weeks prior.

The building in question is a dilapidated building which used to house lord knows what yet it's appearance from the road is ghostly and inviting. I was in search of the mysterious when I found myself downtown on our version of "skid row".

The United States has a homeless issue, the State of California has an even bigger one with Fresno definitely in the mix for carrying the homeless crown, with per capita numbers of those being displaced living downtown.

I slowly drove by tents, blankets, sleeping bags, trash can fires, and most importantly, people. The search for a dilapidated building turned into me being forced to remember the forgotten individuals whose problems were/are far worse than mine.

My worst times of sorrow, still afford me the chance to lay my head on a pillow and mattress, my worst times, still afford me the opportunity to walk downstairs and open up my refrigerator to select what juice to drink.

"If you haven't a friend in the world, you'll find one here!"

Alas, it's difficult to find people who genuinely care about you but if the building beckons you safety within it's walls, it's more than just a building, it's a fortress. I sat in my car and observed many of the forgotten and I began to count my blessing not for all that I have, necessarily, I counted my blessings because I found a fortress which would help to house me if ever I were to lose my way.

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