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  • Nemi


I'm unsure if many people know what silence truly does

If they understand how it feels to come home and not experience any hugs

I've been told there's a certain sound that is made

By ones heart and spirit, when love is displayed

But here I sit without a tone

Over the course of the last year, I've learned to put down my phone

And pick up my face

Turn on my computer and allow my mind to race

The truth is how far can I run

I'm not certain if I can take another lap around the sun

I'm not certain if I can make it to the moon

Perhaps I'll get there if I start my journey in June

Start my journey in May

Tonight I looked up and saw the stars on display

Am I a star on display

It's sucks when another's skies are always gray

Even through their thunder

It doesn't mean that rain is on its way

Yesterday, I observed the wind

As it caused the branches to sway

There was a certain soliloquy which was placed on tray

My ears were awakened to what the wind had to say

Now, I sit in silence

In a dark room yet again today

I'm unsure if people know what silence truly does

I'm not unsure how many happy people arrive at their homes and miss out on hugs

Or miss out on a kiss

The moment I close my eyes

I'll be making a wish


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