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Under The Moon

I should probably attempt to clear up a thing or two IF you've found yourself reading my posts, for a bit now. There's always an appearance of sadness which shows up from time to time within my writing, perhaps it's my attempt to come to grips with what my purpose is but then perhaps it's my progression of seeing that I have a purpose.

My life isn't by any standards awful, I have loving parents and friends, my job is fun, and I've been afforded the opportunity to travel as well. As with anything under the sun, there are good days and there are bad ones; I have very few bad ones, though I do have many trying days its seems.

Are you still with me?

Tonight, as I drove home, I found myself fixated on the moon more so than say yesterday, for instance. Every day the moon rises and the moon falls, I'm talking about rainy days, sunny days, snowy, foggy, hot, and cold days, it's always constant. How can I be more like the moon, how can I be more constant given all the above "days"?

Lately, I've begun to notice that life is flying by and it's doing so at such a rate that I'm worried I've missed the boat on a bit of happiness. Yes, yes, I've learned to maneuver through travels, pictures, and words and I'm grateful for those opportunities but the reality is, there still isn't anything consistent in my life, outside of the rising and falling.

I'm longing to share my remaining years with someone who can appreciate the "days" with me, someone who isn't fixated on the problems as much as they are on the answers, I'm just ready to be someone's "present", while being present.

My plans for the future will start tomorrow and I'll take the lessons already learned and apply them so not to make the same mistakes over and over; life is short.

Tonight, I find myself under the moon, I find myself looking up and dreaming of a better tomorrow knowing that you'll be there, steady as per usual. There's not a part of me that longs to visit the craters of the moon nor plant a flag within its surface but there is a part of me that wants someone to explore my horizon and be lost within my beauty/craters on days such as today.


Be In The Present:

When you want to be happier and more successful

Focus on what is right now

Respond to what is important now

Learn From The Past:

When you want to make the present better than the past

Look at what happened in the past

Learn something valuable from it

Do things differently in the present

Plan For The Future:

When you want to make the future better than the present

See what a wonderful future would look like

Make plans to help it happen

Put your plan into action in the present

From the book, The Present


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