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  • Nemi

Just A Touch

I woke up this morning, wanting to do nothing more than to simply sit with you but for a moment and feel the warmth of your closeness. It seems as though I've waited for today for some time, as if I've waited for the call of your voice on the cool morning air.

There are complicated thoughts, complicated words which I'd like to use but in the end I awkwardly stand in silence staring at you. Is it strange to say that I've been wanting to say hello to you for some time now?

As I drove up to where you were standing, I noticed that something felt different, there were few cars zipping by me on the freeway, there wasn't an overwhelming feeling of wasted time; this was our moment just you and me. I noticed you rise slowly over the horizon until you took your place and found me standing there with the masses.

This morning your smile was warm and it filled my bones, it brought me energy when I lacked a sense of purpose to move forward, today. The morning air was brisk when I first exited my car but then it too warmed with your arrival.

I'm not sure you'll remember all that I told you today but I will remember our embrace and the way it felt to be kissed by you; all I wanted was a touch but you held me with your warmth and for that I'm grateful, I hope that we can meet again soon.

Some say that love is complicated yet I fell in love with you at first sight and I'm happy you allowed me to take a picture of our time together.

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