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Like Clockwork...

For the last three years now, we've managed to find our buddy Mark (middle) for what has become our yearly picture. I can't lie, I have zero clue as to how my phone was able to pick up his text message which stated, "What's up brotha! I know you're super busy but I'll probably be sticking around for another hour or so. I'm at the same place as last year (section 105) like I never left haha..." (Sat, Apr 29, 9:33 PM).

You see, this year's Grizzly Fest was our biggest one to date, everything wise (people, staging, and responsibility). In the days leading up to the festival, as one can imagine, people were coming at us from every angle to gain some sort of access, whether it was tickets, information, or credentials; it was wild, I'd go to sleep to text messages and wake up to even more it seemed.

I often sit and think about those who I truly consider friends, those who've been along for the ride so to speak. During a night in which I was doing more work than having fun per se, I received a text nine minutes after it was sent, a text which caused me to move from Point A all the way to Point Z; note to self, always wear comfy shoes.

We point in order to highlight the other, in order to let people know who the man or woman truly is; as you look at who we're pointing at, just note that he's a quality friend whom I hope to receive a text from next year, as well, perhaps in the same section, perhaps around the same time.

It appears that my saying of, "I'm out here come find me..." is apropos (prayer hands emoji being used)

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