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In all honesty, maybe it's too late, in the day, to begin writing a piece but then again maybe it's the perfect time to sit still and focus my attention towards finding my happy place. IF you've been following my blog for any length of time, you'll find/discover that I like the idea of travel.

My passion in life isn't to visit every country, instead it's to simply learn about various cultures and how they operate. The sound of a foreign dialect is something which intrigues me and pulls me to want to be different than most.

Over the course of the last three years or so, my photography has morphed from taking pictures on my iPhone to taking out an actual camera and allowing the lens to be my eyes, the lay of the land my canvas.

The travels which I take aren't for me alone, I travel in order to remind myself that this world is small, I travel so that I can tell the kids I come into contact with and mentor for a moment or two that anything is possible, I travel because without travel I would be like the masses who are okay with just being.

I often look out the window of a plane and think about the miracle of flight, I think of the progression of intellect which has transformed travel; it allows one to sit in a chair, on a plane, in Central California and then miraculously appear in a different seat a few hours later in Eastern Europe. When I was younger and would watch movies in which time machines were used, I would often think of how neat the concept was not noticing that it was simply all about timing.

We live in a world where time is fleeting, the moment we blink we've lost a second and we're moving towards what will one day, hopefully years from now, be the end; nonetheless, how many people are looking at their watches and saying, "Today is the day to explore, now is the time to set my sights on something new."

Tis time, perhaps you'll join me...

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