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Light Strip

I cannot believe we're already in the month of June and having to face temperatures in the 105F range! In all honesty, I'm not against it being hot outside because it helps to keep a lot of people inside and off of the roadways; I'm always looking for positives ; - )

Today officially marks Father's Day on most calendars around the world; it's a day to celebrate, you guessed it, good ol' dad. IF you're me and you speak with your dad on almost a daily basis, today marks a day of rest.

My morning was filled with video work at a local church and then some light editing of a project which I was a part of the week prior, however, my afternoon consisted of four tacos, a horchata, and then a nap I didn't know was about to place. It always feels strange to open your eyes and feel disoriented as to the how and why of slumber (oh that's right, the tacos).

As 1:30pm quickly made its way to 1:31pm, I remembered that I had "drone practice" around 4pm or so but the temperature of 103F caused me to hope that said practice would be postponed due to bad flying conditions; of course as fate would have it, practice was indeed called off and I was left to explore other Sunday afternoon options.

(Fast forward to 6pm)

I mentioned the fact I was sniped by Mr. Sandman right? The fact that I woke up freezing my butt off in the middle of the sweltering heat only provides alarm for the fact that my electricity bill might mirror a BMW payment over the next couple of weeks but I'll digress.

From the moment I woke up this morning, I didn't feel quite settled, everything seemed to be moving faster than me. There was something about the sky, the clouds, and their color. If you know me, you know that I tend to have my head in the clouds dreaming about... life.

The idea of taking a drive seemed doable given the fact it was now moving closer to 7pm and the temperature had moved from 103F to around 101F; my only dilemma was where my journey would take me.

There was something about the light from the sun this evening, it was as if it was calling to me alone, I cannot begin to describe how the light was brushing up against the buildings, I kept saying to myself, "Is anyone else seeing this?" It was almost in this very breath I realized that I needed to get to a vantage point that would show off a bit of the light.

The time on my dashboard read 7:05pm and I had made it to my destination in time to catch an amazing sunset but as I began to piece my camera together, I noticed one very important item was missing and of course that item would be the battery. How on earth did I leave my house without a battery (oh that's right the, tacos)?

My first thought was just go back home and be lazy, at least you made the initial drive, but as I looked at the way the sun was positioned I knew I had to complete my mission of capturing a picture for the evening.

I wonder if you've thought of me as much as I've thought of you

Alas, here's a simple view

A view of a road split in two

A left and a right

A road covered by light

I stood here quietly, steadfastly, ready to take flight

Alas, I took this picture in black and white

Emotions feeling a bit black and blue

(Sigh) Those colors make up part of this view

A golden light

A golden time

A moment when the sun was just mine but for a second or two

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