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Which Way...

For as long as I can remember, the idea of leaving town has always been positive so much so that I've found it difficult at times to sleep properly, the night before a trip. I suppose I'm still a kid and the anticipation of seeing new sights and hearing new sounds does something to my brain.

I've touched on the fact that my love for photography has me viewing my surroundings in a different light. Isn't it strange how quickly our minds can shift once we're touched by something which moves us?

You as the viewer/reader cannot tell if I'm coming or going in this picture, however, me as the writer and passenger cannot tell either which way is home. There are variables which have kept me grounded within the city I live in but at the same time, there are variables which pull me to want to spread my wings.

Somewhere Meatloaf is singing, "And objects in the rear view mirror, may appear closer than they are..." Inevitably someone will ask who Meatloaf is so I'll tell you now that Google is your best friend!

The musical tangent isn't too random, the man was singing about the wording on your rear view mirror!

As my cousin Bobby drove, tonight, I thought of being a kid and going to camp and not worrying about a damn thing during our time away from home; it was always the trip back that was depressing, the leaving of new friends, or girls who would say things like, "Send me a letter..." (I've never been a ladies man but I have written a well structured letter or two).

Which way is home, is it where I rest my head day in and day out or is it this space, this road which leads from point A to point B? I suppose I'll tell you when I get there, IF I get there in this lifetime. There's always a chance you'll get there first and if you do, please drop a pin so I can find you.

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