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The Joker...

I'm starting to figure out that my eyes are special and they see things in a very unique way. The moment I take my camera out of my backpack and switch the control to the ON feature, it's go time, I'm locked, loaded and ready to fire!

Since I've been shooting, now, routinely for about two years or so, I've had the pleasure, yes pleasure of taking plenty of bad shots along the way, I suppose everyone has their moments of both the good and the bad. In all honesty, I do not consider myself to be a photographer per se the word/meaning, I'm merely attempting to capture moments, alas the moments which I share with each and every story.

Bay Bridge, San Francisco, CA

In the greatest Batman ever made, there's a scene in which the Joker leans out the side of a car window with his hair blowing in the wind; to me it was one of those iconic moments/scenes when I identified with the freedom of it all.

Tonight as we drove on the Bay Bridge, I couldn't help but roll down my window in order to observe the lights and sound of it all. My thoughts weren't on taking my camera out and firing away, as much as they were on feeling free but for a moment and having the cool air wake my spirit.

The wind was crisp and the lights on the bridge seemed a little brighter than usual, I felt as if something special was set to take place. IF memory serves me correctly, I said, "Ooooh man..." as I reached for my camera, I hoped that all of the bad pictures were out of my system.

I know what the Joker was looking at and feeling, it was perfection but for a simple moment in time...

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