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Keep Rolling

Over the course of time, many have stated that a picture is worth a thousand words yet here I sit waiting to take pictures which are worth ten thousand words. Never in my life would I have thought that I'd be here doing what I'm currently doing at the moment.

It feels as though, the last two and a half years have been a complete blur! Yesterday, I was attempting to convince myself that spending $500 on a Sony Alpha was worth it, days before taking a trip to Peru. I now sit and tell myself that spending $1,300 on a lens is worth it; three cameras in and twenty thousand pictures later, I think it's safe to say that I enjoy shooting a bit.

Last year, I took and posted one picture a day, onto Instagram, as a challenge to find something new each and every day. The thought of a New Year's resolution isn't something that crosses my mind too often but there I sat camera in hand, thinking that I could fulfill the challenge and fulfill the challenge I did right down to the last day.

One of my closest friends, Nicholas Valdez, told me years ago, "Imagine how much stronger you'd be if you applied yourself to one thing, one thing alone for an entire year." Through the course of the last year, I've learned so much about myself and my camera as well, I've seen so much through the lens that I often think I'm viewing life through 18MM - 105MM eyes.

In a few weeks I'll begin my overseas adventures and maybe just maybe I'll find something worth sharing with you all.

My feet aren't on the ground, in this picture, they're tied to a skateboard and a dream, a drive towards a destination that isn't plotted out as of yet and there's the beauty in it all, the idea that we can/I can kick push towards something satisfying.

I hope you'll continue to read because in order for my survival, I must continue to uncover the gems which are around us all.

(Peace and Light)

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