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18th Floor

The last time I found myself in Las Vegas, Nevada was close to ten years ago, during the NCAA March Madness Tournament. Actually, come to think of it, I was thirty years of age, single, not actively drinking, not into nightclubs, strippers, gambling, or cigarettes; nonetheless, I found myself here and ready to shed the wholesomeness. FYI, mom, if you happen to read this, just know that I didn't indulge in any of the above activities, I mean what takes place in Vegas, stays in Vegas (joking mom, I only spent $20).

To save you from having to endure an even longer story about that trip, I almost got into a fight, I won two hundred dollars, and I slept on the floor for four days. Maybe this is when my ability to fake it in uncomfortable or unfavorable environments began?

Last week, I flew into town for a day and a half and I did so without any expectations or real plans per se; I was just there. We often speak of time moving so quickly but this was one of those case when I felt as if I were a fish out of water. I often tell people that I can survive anywhere yet here I was being driven from the airport to the hotel, feeling as if I were lost before I even made it to my destination.

By the time I finally maneuvered through the lobby and made it to the elevators which took me up to the 18th floor, I was telling myself that the money in my pocket would remain in my pocket, I was telling myself that the hope of fast riches was merely a mirage, I was telling myself that I only had a full day to explore, and shed my wholesomeness.

Today, I found myself looking out of the window my room on the 18th floor. The view was rather fascinating in that everything seemed painted against the backdrop of the sky and mountains. Yes, this is an actual picture and no Photoshop was not used because I have do not know how to use the software.

I took out my camera and sat in the window thinking: "We're never truly trapped in, IF we allow ourselves to see outwardly where we'd like to go. Not all rooms come with a view, sometimes we have to find it."

This time around, I ate well, I drank adequate amounts of water, I didn't see any strippers, venture to any nightclubs, or sleep on the floor; it's funny how life changes when you know that you're heading to the top floor.

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