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  • Nemi

S e a r c h i n g....

Where am I at

Alas high in the sky again

Where will I land

Perhaps where the the sea and sand

Ask the tide to come in

What is my destiny

Not even I know

My view is snowcapped

And the clouds seemingly move slow

Though the days move fast

And my youthful spirit still glows

I choose to live in the present

For tomorrow's winds may never blow

The sun may not emerge

And warm my bones so...

So I search for the answers which lay above and below

I search for the road which only a few know

A road of redemption

A road for retreat

A road which will take me where the sea and sand meet

A road which keeps no record of feet

When I find this destination

I'll send you a card with the coordinates of how to reach

My soul

I'm searching...

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