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From Zero To LA In 2hr & 20 Minutes Flat

"Hey man, why do you drive so fast" is a phrase which I've used with my buddy, Bobby, for some years now. I'm unsure if any of you out there have that one friend who missed their Formula 1 calling and has decided to take their skill set to the regular roadways (anyone, by a show of hands, anyone... No, okay).

Two weeks ago, my buddies and me were sitting around enjoying really, really, really good craft beer(s) when we came up with the idea of taking a day trip to Los Angeles, CA to visit a couple of our favorite breweries. Now when the topic of road trips comes up, it's usually assumed that Bobby will be the one behind the wheel. Why you ask (and I'm happy you did)? It's because out the group of friends I have, Bobby is the one, here in the U.S.A., who is known as the Transporter, Bobby Unser Jr Jr, Little Bob-E, Bobby Force, and Mr. Time Warp.

The distance from Fresno, CA to Anaheim, CA is technically four hours and that's going the speed limit or even a smidgen above what's posted. In all of my days of going to Los Angeles, I have yet to have gotten there in under three hours, whilst driving, myself.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the track, Bobby Unser Jr Jr...

As stated above, I've known ol' Bobby for a number of years now, we've taken trips overseas together, through the State of California together, and we even made our way out to Arizona a couple of years ago, not to mention we drove to New Mexico as well; I'm typing all this to say, I know the guy can drive a bit fast.

On this particular excursion, we found ourselves leaving Fresno, CA around 2pm in hopes of making it into Los Angeles, CA by 6:30pm or so, given the fact it was Thanksgiving weekend and the freeway/highway was packed with travelers. No sooner, nooooo sooner, had my head gently tapped against the window and drool made its way down the side of my face, we were in Los Angeles. "Wait, what happened, I closed my eyes for...." , I said (closes eyes again).

To my amazement we not only made it to Anaheim, CA in under four hours, Bobby was smirking in the driver's seat saying, "I've never shaved off an entire hour before."

The picture taken above was when we were doing something like 107mph, don't trip. Yeah, I stuck my head out the window and took this picture, I forgot that I'm not a young pup any longer and this type of behavior is the smartest buuuuut oh what a story it makes!

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