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All Aboard...

For far too long, I've wanted to pack my bags and get lost within the sights and sounds of a new place. I've been granted a unique ability to travel throughout this world which we live in, this place we call earth. What are sites without sound and what is sounds without sites?

For far too long, I've wanted to run away from the noise of it all, the constant billowing of chaos, whether it was around the world or around my world; it's difficult to seem fine when certain faculties are crumbling around you.

Let's take a trip, a trip to nowhere in particular but somewhere just the same. Will you join me if not for a moment but for multiple moments which will make up a lifetime of adventure, I mean who dreams in this fashion any longer? As I stood and watched this train move along the tracks, I wondered where it was coming from and where it was going.

What are we chasing, are we chasing love, happiness, wealth, notoriety, a message in the sky? I'm sure I've missed so much by standing behind the yellow line and not taking a step forward to board this train of adventure, this train of risk.

Today, my mission is to sit and dream with my eyes wide open, to laugh loudly and often, but most importantly to board as many trains going somewhere, anywhere. I'll meet you, if you tell me where you're going but will you join me when it's time to cross the line after the conductor says, "All aboard..."

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