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Okay, I'm going to be honest, I'm lightweight addicted to my phone. To anyone who knows me, this isn't a big shock but to those of you who don't know me, "Hi, I'm Nemi and I like the prayer-hands emoji, Kevin Hart's gif, and the rolling eyes/smirking emoji... (okay, okay, the heart emoji, blushing emoji, dancing emojis, and the I don't know/clueless/hands to the shoulders emoji).

In this age of instantaneous gratification, if we aren't receiving visual stimulation, Facebook thumbs, Instagram hearts, Snapchat views, Vero hearts, or text bubbles, we feel lost or unfulfilled. We the unsuspecting masses have been given that bit of sugar which we cannot get enough of, that bit of sugar which keeps us glued to our phone, tv's, iPads, Tablets, "Smart Watches", and video gaming consoles.

A few years ago, I picked up a camera solely for the purpose of capturing the homeless population within my city and helping to provide them with an identity, however, in the end I've used my camera to capture a world much greater.

When was the last time, you pushed yourself to do something new? We're no longer addicted to the things which we used to do as kids, well at least some of us are no longer addicted; I still dream of Nerf guns, water balloon fights, and those endless games of TAG.

These days, my favorite places to be are places where my phone doesn't work, places where I don't have the ability to check into Instagram in order to see what I'm not missing or scroll through emails of sites where I don't intend to spend my money, places where I can sit quietly and feel the beauty of nature all around me. I'm looking for an escape a way this cycle.

This spring, summer, and fall, I plan to break my addiction by being outside more often and observing what's taking place in the spaces around me, I plan on writing a bit more, laughing a bit more, I plan on sitting in random places which I normally wouldn't find myself, and I plan on detaching from.... Alas, why do we always have to announce it (haha).

All I wish for everyone is happiness, I wish that we could go back twenty years or so when it was all so simple; we've managed to overcomplicate this entire thing called life.

Recently, I stood on a hill and overlooked the ocean, it was amazing to hear the waves crashing below, to feel the breeze pressing against my skin, to see birds suspended between the heavens and earth, and to know that I was present within the moment.

I'm working to break a common addiction...

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