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I'm going to say this in the nicest way possible, "I'm not a fan of Manchester City (smurf color) at all" and for all of you that don't know what sport I'm referencing, it's okay, I will not hold it against you all.

On the final match day of the 2011/2012 season the EPL (English Premier League) title was within Manchester United's grasps, however they needed a little help with either a Manchester City loss or draw (tie). The more you read my stories, the more you'll understand that I'm just not a fan of needing help when it comes to winning, it's either, you're good enough or you're not, all of this "luck" stuff is for the birds. Whelp, here I was in my buddy Tim's house at 7am in the morning doing what... wishing for a bit of luck or divine intervention! Whaaaaaaaat, I'm a hypocrite sometimes sue me already.

As the Manchester United match ended with a 1 - 0 victory versus a tenacious Sunderland team, all I could hope for was a miracle (cue up the song, "All I need is a miracle, all I need is") in QPR versus Manchester City match. My buddy Tim being the true Arsenal supporter he is, wanted nothing other than to see the day come down to me praying.

To make a relatively short story even shorter, Google the name Joey Barton! IF it weren't for Joey Barton losing his mind and being sent off for QPR and Kun Aguero firmly solidifying his name within the record books that day for Manchester City, Manchester United would have been the kings of England, I wouldn't have shed tears in front of Tim's two year old daughter, and there probably wouldn't be as much of a disdain for anyone associated with that side of Manchester.

The picture above is from this weekend and another clash between two bitter rivals. Manchester City had the opportunity to wrap the 2017/2018 league title with a win versus my beloved Manchester United side; after being down 2 - 0 at the half, Manchester United with plenty of "luck" came back to score three goals and defeat Manchester City 3 - 2 at Emptyhad Stadium!

I wasn't in attendance to watch yesterday's match but I did receive a picture of our supporter's group which warmed my heart and caused me to think about just how the 2018/2019 season is going to shape up for "US". I'm not one to stick my neck out on the line too often but I will say, "Manchester United WILL win a treble next term." My love for this team is real, my love for the sport is real as well.

My advice is if you like sports and you want to feel your heart race with each match/game, become a Manchester United fan; if you happen to live in Fresno, CA, come out and join us.

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