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There's an art to being transparent

And I haven't completely conquered it yet

I hide my emotions in dark places where other secrets are kept

All movements are calculated

Never any wasted steps

Fake hellos

And how do you do's

Crispiest shirts

And the flyest of shoes

All part of the process to simply confuse

Perhaps just mechanisms which allow me to quietly light a fuse

I refuse to be poor again

A message which strikes when I see the poor again

The defeated and destitute

The prettiest prostitute

The people walking next to you and asking for change

Those seeking riches and plaques with their names

I have no idea what love is

Yet all I do is give

Give of my time

Give of myself

Give so much it's effecting my health

Maybe I do understand what love is

Today I wondered where I'd gone astray

I looked towards the heavens

However I failed to pray

I failed to be appreciative for waking yet another day

In my mind, the Lord knew what I was going to say

I'm attempting to be transparent

I'm attempting to be free

I'm attempting to be the best person that I can be

The sands will shift

The winds will come

Some will sing

Some will hum

A new tune

There's an art to being transparent

I sit without a brush

Waiting, all the while patiently waiting to apply an artful touch

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