• Nemi

This Is What It Looks Like

So far this summer, I've had the pleasure of turning in my dancing shoes and replacing them with a camera in hand. There are times I sit and think about all of the parts I've played within wedding day festivities; I've been an usher, a groomsman, a best-man twice, a wedding goer, a wedding skipper, an officiant three times, and a photographer a "few times".

Last year, a friend of mine convinced me to help him out during a wedding in order to learn the process and the rest has been history. I've shown up on location to capture moments all the while thinking to myself, "How in the world did these good people select me..."

Despite all of my awkwardness and nerves, I always seem to find a moment which makes me want more of the laughter, more of the smiles, and more of the "Just be you, I'm not even here."

I'm starting to think that if a couple can truly laugh together, they can truly be together. I mean this is what it's supposed to look like right?


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