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  • Nemi

Red Light, Green Light

As of late, I've started to wonder why I even take the time to express my random thoughts and pictures, in open forum. I mean really, who reads this stuff? I mean, c'mon let's be honest (looks for a show of hands).

People often joke with me and tell me that I know half of the folks who live within Fresno, CA and some of its outlying communities. The truth is I know a couple of people here and there but few have been around since the days of red light, green light. It's strange to think that I've had some friends in my life for thirty years and it's even stranger to think I have a handful of friends who have been around longer than thirty years.

Either way, the guy pictured in the picture above has been making this same face since he was probably in the 5th grade, the problem now being we're old guys who want nothing more than adventure (well, his wife isn't old and she wants adventure too, guess I better put a picture of her up too).

Life has a way of slowing me down and making me aware of the importance of certain things, friendship being one. I'm forever thankful for the bonds I've made such as the ones pictured; who knows where I'd be without them.

I've ended up being the one who keeps record of moments and I suppose this why I continue to express my thoughts and pictures in an open forum such as this. Life is bigger than Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, funny to think this is all one big game of Red Light.... (you guessed it) Green Light.

Get out and enjoy a moment...

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