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Let's Be Honest

If you stare at this picture for a moment, you can feel the warmth of the sun or at least imagine its warmth as it slowly begins to fade away against the backdrop of the distant hills. Over the course of the three days, I've looked at this picture and immediately closed my eyes in order to recall the feelings I felt when my camera fixed its mechanical gaze upon the orange sun, brown sky, and dried out field. There was something special felt within that moment and this pictures serves as a time stamp of said special moment.

My passion for the solitude of this has began to increase, my mind has been transfixed on how I can turn these random moments of connection into routine occurrences, weekly feels. I'm not sure I let out a proper breath as I squatted in position which gave way to comfort and ease.

Life as one friend put it, is full of junk which we all have to work through in order to decide what is real and what isn't worth fighting for. IF anyone truly knows me, they know that I'm relatively a carefree individual who is picky, opinionated, and stubborn to a certain extent; however, my love for people is much like the setting sun in the picture above (warm).

Tonight, I ventured to dinner with two of my favorite people to celebrate the birthday of one of the two; I found myself without a date and feeling a bit out of sorts. As we sat in the restaurant, I thought to myself how have I arrived here, to this very moment, feeling less than happy while in the presence of two dear friends whom I've laughed with, sang with, and adventured with. For the sake of being honest, I allowed someone else's cloud effect my happiness. By a show of hands, how many of us are stuck in a place of unhappiness? (Thank you for being honest)

If truth be told, I've probably promised myself too much over the years and failed to keep many of the promises made to myself; tonight, I promised myself to just be happy. This life is too short to waste it on other people who don't have the same vision as me, I'm only attempting to make myself better and every room I walk into better. I know that I'm not perfect but much like sun pictured above, my goal is to simply leave a lasting memory, a warm memory.

I've been lonely for most of the night, then again I've probably been lonely for some time but tonight, I earnestly wished for someone to hold my hand, kiss my lips, and look at me fondly the way my friends were looking at each other because there's always an energy when you encounter real emotions/feeling.

Funny to think about the energy the sun transmits as it warms our bodies and kisses us goodbye... (Besame un ultimo tom)

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