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Time Flies

It's rather amazing how quickly time flies by us, stop reading this if you've read this at some other point within your life; in all fairness, do me a favor and continue to read on as this entry might be a little bit different than others which you've read in your past.

My friends decided to invite me on a trip this last weekend and to a destination which was new to my eyes, ears, and soul but not to theirs. The fact that I was sitting at home and moping over the fact I've felt lonely for some time now led me to accept their invitation and as in most cases just go along for the ride, laughter, and songs (we tend to sing a lot on our trips).

Before we departed town we decided to make a quick stop at a deli, one of my favorites IF not my favorite deli in town (now). Over the course of the last few years, I've found that I know a few faces here and that tends to turn a majority of my experiences into Cheers kind of moments; for those of you reading who do not remember the sitcom Cheers, Google is your best friend. Once inside of the deli, I was greeted with the typical hellos, smiles, and fist bumps, Cheers I tell you (I'm more Norm than Cliff, though I'd like to be Sam). I'll digress and get to the story before the sun fades.

With our sandwiches selected, waters sorted, and chips neatly packed away, we were off to hopefully shoot something epic. I find it strange to think about the mindset which I've developed over the course of the last year. There really are no more simple pictures, there really aren't wasted squeezes of the trigger; if a picture is taken it's done so because it truly captures my eyes and challenges my thought process. The EPIC now, to me at least, comes within moments when time can be stopped and my feelings can be measured by merely reflecting into a screen.

Time is constantly moving by us! Today I read that I've used something close to 365,000 hours of life and I only have another 292,000 hours of life expectancy left if I were to live to seventy five years of age. The realization set in that I've wasted time and we all know that time is the one commodity which we can never get back per se.

To place it into light, we begin dying the moment we're born and millions of people aren't afforded seventy five years of life here on this planet we call earth. My question then becomes, "When do we start living"?

As I was sitting in my room worrying about the fact that I feel so alone due to failed expectations for myself and my progression or lack there of, time was flying by me and I was dying slowly without even being truly aware of it. I have zero idea what has come over me, today, but I can tell you it's something EPIC.

Today, I reached a point where I realized that I'm looking back at my mistakes and this simple action alone is stealing the moments of enjoying the warmth of the sun on my body and the brisk wind in my face as the day quickly moves to night. It is true that time is flying by us, it is true that we're all going to die at some point in life, however, the thing that many people fail to hold onto is the fact we can change our mindsets and simply live within a moment or moments depending on if we set our camera to burst or not. This last weekend I took some EPIC photos perhaps the best I've ever taken to date; I was alive.

I dare you to be EPIC, you only have but a moment because time is fleeting...

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