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  • Nemi

Don't Say You Will...

In February of 2017, I entered a journal piece titled "Say You Will..." in which I outlined the fact that I am a dreamer (like I dream a lot). As I started to pen this current post, I reminisced for a moment.

The 808s & Heartbreak offering was something Kanye really went out on a limb to produce; I wasn't a fan of the album initially but with a little more maturity and a better ear/heart for the project, I've found it to be one of favorite Kanye albums.

This isn't a plug for Kanye as he doesn't need my words to help him etch his place within pop culture America. My love for this record/track, Say You Will goes beyond just a quick listen. Do yourselves a favor and listen closely to the words or better yet Google the lyrics and then listen to the record/track.

"Don't say you will, one day you will, I pray you will..."

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