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A Fitting Close...

Years ago wouldn't have thought much of the picture below; I was more concerned with sports, Jordan's, and meaningless friendships. Over the course of time and a bit of maturation, I've become fixated on finding new places and even quieter moments, such as the setting pictured.

Often we're informed that we only get one shot at this thing called life so it's best that we take our best shot at it and make it count. The newest phrase circulating in pop culture is, "I'm just out here living my best life." The truth be told, I'm living a life however it's further than my best.

One day I'll be transparent and place names to stories and and explain things which have been left vague for so long, one day, not today though; you see today is special, it's new, it's different. My hopes and dreams are not tied to riches, accolades, or a fancy title, I simply want to influence those around me.

Beauty is found in so much that surrounds us, the problem is we no longer look up and out to find it. I think I'm set to get lost for a bit, to immerse myself within the light per se.

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