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One Day...

One day we'll all grow old and bear a little gray, that is if we're given the opportunity to age. My find is that pups tend to grow up quickly and time really doesn't wait for either woman or man. There are too many people who lose their childhood charm, dreams, and laughter only to replace them with adult issues such as fear, realization, and sorrow.

Not every picture is perfect but then again perhaps they are if we truly take a step back and understand that we've in essence stopped the very thing we otherwise fail to control, time.

Recently, I was on a family shoot with a buddy of mine and his family and I brought along another friend of mine, who has taught me a lot about photography over the last few years. During the session, my photography friend quipped about my usage of Manual Focus versus Auto Focus when it came to the way I shot; not only did he bring this up, he brought it up in way which caused all those within an earshot to cringe a bit.

Look, I'll tell all of you right now, find what works best for you and be the best you can be at it! I have a family member who once took a lot of my courage away from me due to his approach and lack of patience and uplifting in moments when I needed nothing more than a positive word.

Needless to say, the final product wasn't one which my client/buddy wanted to go with and an email asking for another opportunity subsequently fell by the wayside as well, perhaps due to the lack of focus shown by friend with all the photographic knowledge.

One day we'll focus on what matters, we'll focus on the laughs which were had and the time which was spent in the warm sun attempted to turn a random fireplace, in the middle of nowhere, into a makeshift living room, one day we'll find that what we do behind the camera doesn't take away from the smiles.

One day, I'll be okay with imperfections which in the end are really perfect if I stop and look at them closely. One day...

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