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Three weeks or so ago, my younger brother explained to me that I'm not a photographer but instead a banker. This was brought to my attention after I posted a picture of myself and my nephew, his son, on Instagram (mind you this wasn't a picture that I snapped). There was so much animosity within his voice, "I don't appreciate you taking my kid and using him for your Instagram."

Interesting isn't it, the idea of how things are supposed to flow? Now mind you, this is the same brother who paid me to take photos for him and his family this holiday season and also the same brother who has asked me repeatedly to assist him with his various events.

Perhaps it's my fault that I'm treated the way I am or perceived to be simply a banker, a promotor, or someone who is into drugs because I associate with people who smoke weed. Note to self, do not step outside of the box, do not collect $200.

Someone recently told me that the quickest way to kill a vibe/conversation is by bringing my brother's name up (closes eyes slowly). What sets us apart...

I for one am not attempting to keep up with the anyone, for all I care, I'm on my own island and periodically escape to meet others on theirs; I enjoy long walks on the beach, random European travel, photography, music, all sports, and good craft beer. Perhaps this is what makes me such an anomaly within the the eyes of my brother.

My brother is right, I'm not a photographer, I'm not someone who lives within the confines of "Smile for me, sit up straight, look into my lens", instead I'm more like a magician! Forget about the badges we wear and the titles we have, I'm concerned if we're truly living.

Within the last nine years, almost ten, I've seen more than my brother will ever see, I've travelled more than my brother will ever travel, I've laughed more than he'll ever laugh, and I've taken more pictures, mentally and with a camera than he'll ever take. There's a sense of redemption within this because I'm the one leaning out of windows whilst doing 100mph on stretches of road, attempting to capture a bit of beauty and he's the one sitting at the same tired places with the same tired people who will only allow him so far within their worlds.

Our last name isn't Jones though my brother is attempting to keep up with some; I'll continue to live this alternate lifestyle of adventure and banking since it makes for good conversation around the winery for him. "That guy, I have no idea what he does, he's just out there living, I guess."

My redemption comes when I hear of my brother trying to tap up my connections for donations and favors without remembering that it's relationships first, before anything else, you can't ask for a kiss if you haven't formed some sort of bond.

People are looking for magicians (wink), we're the ones who will help make them look good; bankers can be found anywhere these days.

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